Records Management Journal: Volume 3 Issue 1


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Planning and Evaluation in the Australian Archives: A Case Study

Sam Skrzypek, Malcolm Holmes, Stein Helgeby

Australia was only one of the many countries to embark on a major program of management reform during the 1980s. A particular feature of the Australian approach was the…

Getting the Records Straight: Creating, Retaining, and Disclosing Archives

James Michael

The problems associated with archives clarify many of the practical, political, and legal issues associated with any sort of public records system. The views of historians…

Loose Leaves

Veronica Davies

A recent survey of 30 large companies in the UK, France and Germany concerning news services provided by the information departments showed some startling results.

The Work of a Records Manager: A Bit of Advice

Ron F. Binmore

Records Managers should be highly visible, by that I mean they should be known not only by sight, but by reputation too. They should be persons you can talk to, discussing…

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