Records Management Journal: Volume 25 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Digital Diplomatics: What is Diplomatics in the Digital Environment?

Diplomatics of born digital documents – considering documentary form in a digital environment

Corinne Rogers

This paper aims to explore a new model of “record” that maps traditional attributes of a record onto a technical decomposition of digital records. It compares the core…


Digital diplomatics and forensics: going forward on a global basis

Frederick B. Cohen

– The purpose of this study is to discuss moving forward on a global basis with digital diplomatics.

Object-oriented diplomatics: Using archival diplomatics in software application development to support authenticity of digital records

Adam Jansen

This paper aims to present a conceptual methodology, named herein as object-oriented diplomatics, based on a presentation given by the author at the Digital Diplomatics…


Digital diplomatics and measurement of electronic public data qualities: What lessons should be learned?

Basma Makhlouf Shabou

This paper aims to present a recent study on the definition and measurement of quality dimensions of public electronic records and archives (QADEPs: Qualités des archives…


Correspondence as a documentary form, its persistent representation, and email management, preservation, and access

Jane Zhang

The aim of this paper is to construct a systematic way of thinking about correspondence as a documentary form and discuss the role its persistent representation features…


French legal framework of digital evidence

Antoine Meissonnier, Françoise Banat-Berger

The purpose of this article is to describe the development of the French legal framework of digital evidence. The ongoing transformations of information in an electronic…

Contemporary diplomatics of the civil and deceased estate case files found at the national archives of Zimbabwe

Sindiso Bhebhe

This paper aims to discuss how the originality, authenticity, reliability and genuineness of legal records found at the National Archives of Zimbabwe (NAZ) are maintained…


Diplomatics in China

Weimei Pan

– This paper aims to explore if there is an analogous discipline in China to diplomatics.

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