Records Management Journal: Volume 24 Issue 2


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The mapping, selecting and opening of data: The records management contribution to the Open Data project in Girona City Council

Lluís Esteve Casellas Serra

This paper aims to share the contribution of records managers to the Open Government in the City Council of Girona (Catalonia), based on the strategy of participation in…


Whither the retention schedule in the era of big data and open data?

John McDonald, Valerie Léveillé

This article, which is one of the products of an international collaborative research initiative called iTrust, aims to explore these questions and offer suggestions…


Meeting Big Data challenges with visual analytics: The role of records management

Victoria Louise Lemieux, Brianna Gormly, Lyse Rowledge

This paper aims to explore the role of records management in supporting the effective use of information visualisation and visual analytics (VA) to meet the challenges…


Opening research data: issues and opportunities

Sue Childs, Julie McLeod, Elizabeth Lomas, Glenda Cook

This paper aims to explore the issues, the role of research data management (RDM) as a mechanism for implementing open research data and the role and opportunities for…


Open data?: Data, information, document or record?

Erik Borglund, Tove Engvall

The aim of the article is to investigate what characterizes the information constructs that the archival discourse and the open data discourse communicate in text, and…

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