Records Management Journal: Volume 2 Issue 3


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Document Image Processing Systems—Where they are and where they are going

John A.T. Pritchard

Introduction During the last year many document imaging systems, which are based on the storage of compressed digitised images on optical disk and of various sizes and…

The Oil Industry: A Need For Standards

Diana Edmonds

Working as a consultant really gives you the opportunity to travel. This week, the office of an oil company … the next, an office in the water industry … and the following…

Interests of Third Parties: the extent to which government should keep information secret for the sake of third parties

James Michael

We are all third parties, at least in the sense that government rarely justifies keeping information secret for reasons other than our sake. Although most of the third…

Guest Column: Dress for success

Gill Middleburgh

Perhaps you feel that worrying what you wear to work is a waste of time. ‘As long as I'm clean and tidy’ you think, ‘no one will be upset’. Well, indeed they won't, but…

Loose Leaves

Veronica Davies

In the first heady days of post‐communist government, citizens in East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Romania occupied archives belonging to the local security police…

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