Records Management Journal: Volume 2 Issue 2


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Some Likely Developments in Information Technology and Records Management

Grant Freeman

Before you can begin to review a subject of this nature you must first address a set of problems. These range from the problem of defining the time period that you are…

The Future of Information Management

David P. Best

Information Management (IM) can be defined as: ‘The economic, efficient and effective coordination of the production, control, storage, retrieval and dissemination of…

Finding the Right Candidate — Part II

G. Raymond Gould

The ideal advertisement should produce one (and one, only) ideal candidate. The chances of this ever happening are so remote, that it is not worth considering. Indeed…

Count Joseph Kemeny: the Virus and the Beetle

Martyn Rady

Computer viruses presuppose computers. Viruses which feed upon and corrupt information do not. All that these need are individuals of sufficiently malign intent and a…

Managing Information on IT

Ralph Cornes

The closed eye test is useful in evaluating all the procedural paraphernalia needed for running an IT department. You close your eyes and visualise a meeting about one of…

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