Records Management Journal: Volume 1 Issue 4


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Branch Records of Lloyds Bank: the Analysis of a Life‐Cycle

John Booker

It is a measure of the problem of records control that branches of Lloyds Bank produce 30.5 million vouchers a month. On top of this is an array of wider documentation as…

Strategic Information Management & concept and reality

S.C. Newton

The Strategic Issue Organisations — government, companies, institutions — are currently dominated by their service functions. This can be demonstrated easily by looking at…

The National Archives and Office Systems: A Status Report

John McDonald

How can an archivist appraise the electronic records of the personal directories of the over 200 (or 2000) linked computer workstations that might exist across the program…

‘Loose Leaves’

Veronica Davies

The 1988 Copyright and Patents Act which came into force in April 1989 made fundamental changes to the Criminal Copyright law of which all records and information managers…

Managing Information on IT

Ralph Cornes

A press announcement that the Sybase database management system (DBMS) is available on the latest SUN workstation with 40 MIPS (million instructions per second) is the…

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