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Records Management and Data Management: Closing the Gap

John McDonald

The other day I was at a meeting with several government officials to discuss the establishment of a retention, conservation and disposition schedule for a large, complex…

The Rate for the Job

G. Raymond Gould

For most people, an income, in cash or kind, is an essential part of life. For those in employment this means a salary or wage, commensurate with the responsibility and…

Records Management in a Pharmaceutical Environment

A.M. Chalmers

It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry produces enormous amounts of documentation for research, development and commercial purposes, some of it governed by…

Patterns of Information Systems in Nigeria

G.O. Alegbeleye

An important reason for the wide gap between developed countries such as the USA, Japan, the Federal Republic of Germany and Britain on the one hand and those like Nigeria…

‘Loose Leaves’

Veronica Davies

To be asked to write a column for the Records Management Journal is an exciting prospect. I intend to pick up and air relevant and pertinent changes and developments in…

Managing the Information on IT: No Crystal Balls — Surviving the Unpredictable IT Future

Ralph Cornes

One difficulty in planning IT applications is the speed with which new technology invalidates the plans. Planning would be difficult enough if it were possible to…

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