International Journal of Service Industry Management: Volume 9 Issue 1


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Customer loyalty and complex services: The impact of corporate image on quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty for customers with varying degrees of service expertise

Tor Wallin Andreassen, Bodil Lindestad

Based on theory from consumer behavior and cognitive psychology, the purpose of this paper is to discuss and test corporate image and customer satisfaction as two routes…


Empowerment, attribution and apologising as dimensions of service recovery: An experimental study

Christo Boshoff, Jason Leong

The production of most services depends heavily on human involvement which, by definition, implies variability. The difficulty of standardising human behaviour during…


A comparison of service delivery processes of different complexity

Peter J. Danaher, Jan Mattsson

How service evaluations are influenced by the complexity of the service delivery process has not been adequately studied. Therefore, this study investigates three types of…


How disconfirmation, perception and actual waiting times impact customer satisfaction

Mark M. Davis, Janelle Heineke

The experience of waiting for service is often the first direct interaction between customers and most service delivery processes. The literature on satisfaction with…


Services marketing management competencies: a ferry company example

Audrey Gilmore

Although much has been written about management competencies, the literature is sparse in its consideration of specific competencies for services marketing decision…




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1990 – 2008

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