International Journal of Service Industry Management: Volume 16 Issue 2


Industry and Public Sector Management

Table of contents

QUIS 9 symposium – service excellence in management

Anders Gustafsson

To introduce the special issue focusing on the QUIS 9 symposium.

Managing overall service quality in customer care centers: Empirical findings of a multi‐perspective approach

Roland Kantsperger, Werner H. Kunz

This paper aims to clarify the interdependencies among three main stakeholder groups and to show how to manage overall service quality in customer care centers.

Dynamics of service attributes: a test of Kano's theory of attractive quality

Lars Nilsson‐Witell, Anders Fundin

The aim of the paper is to contribute to a better understanding of the theory of attractive quality through an empirical investigation of an e‐service. Our focus is on the…

Assessing behavior before it becomes behavior: An examination of the role of intentions as a link between satisfaction and repatronizing behavior

Magnus Söderlund, Niclas Öhman

Intentions are often included in service research, but researchers have paid little attention to a discussion in psychology in which different intention constructs are…

Communication as an element of service value

Kristina Heinonen, Tore Strandvik

The paper explores consumers' responsiveness to marketing communication about various services and products in three different media. Communication value is seen as an…

Video‐based methodology: capturing real‐time perceptions of customer processes

Per Echeverri

A recurring problem for research into services is the question of validity – i.e. knowing which quality factors really are relevant for measurement and analysis…



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