International Journal of Service Industry Management: Volume 13 Issue 3


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The impact of knowledge types on the consumer search process: An investigation in the context of credence services

Anna S. Mattila, Jochen Wirtz

Previous research provides evidence for a conceptual distinction between self‐assessed and objective knowledge, and relatively little is known about the relationship…

The real cost of making customers wait

Peter T. Ittig

This paper considers the problem of estimating the service capacity that should be provided in a situation in which additional capacity may result in greater demand…

Contact personnel, physical environment and the perceived corporate image of intangible services by new clients

Nha Nguyen, Gaston Leblanc

The purpose of this article is to evaluate empirically the impact of contact personnel and physical environment on the perception of corporate image by new clients by…

Relationship between operations strategy and size in engineering consulting firms

Daniel Arias Aranda

The relationship between strategy and firm size has been broadly considered and studied in strategic management literature. However, this topic has not been paid as much…

A capacity management model in service industries

B. Adenso‐Díaz, Pilar González‐Torre, Virginia García

The problem of capacity management is one of the most difficult to tackle in business management; a situation which is aggravated in the majority of services, due to…



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1990 – 2008

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