International Journal of Service Industry Management: Volume 12 Issue 4


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Evaluative and relational influences on service loyalty

Ken Butcher, Beverley Sparks, Frances O’Callaghan

Four attitudinal components of customer loyalty were synthesised from the services literature and combined to produce a loyalty conceptualisation that excludes repurchase…


Improving the quality of the credit authorization process: A quantitative approach

W.K. Leung, K.K. Lai

This paper proposes that the quality of a company’s authorization system should be measured by two major considerations. First, the system should enhance the quality of…


The impact of expected variance in performance on the satisfaction process

Jochen Wirtz, Anna S. Mattila

Research in economics, finance and decision science has shown that consumers are familiar with unit‐to‐unit variability, and in the context of services it has been…


Exploring consumer evaluations of e‐services: a portal site

Allard C.R. van Riel, Veronica Liljander, Petra Jurriëns

The commercial importance of e‐services, accessed via Internet or mobile phone, grows steadily. There is a clear need to develop a better understanding of how consumers…


A holistic model for total quality service

G.S. Sureshchandar, Chandrasekharan Rajendran, R.N. Anantharaman

Total quality service (TQS) is a socio‐technical approach for revolutionary and effective management. However, the contemporary quality management literature is…




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1990 – 2008

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