International Journal of Service Industry Management: Volume 10 Issue 2


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Internal service recovery: developing a new construct

David E. Bowen, Robert Johnston

This paper introduces the concept of “internal service recovery” defined as what the organisation does to make internal customers (front‐line employees), who have…

Profitability and customer satisfaction in services: An integrated perspective between marketing and cost management analysis

Antonella Carù, Antonella Cugini

The work suggests a defining approach aimed at understanding the relations between client satisfaction and business profitability, with specific reference to services…

Capital and other inputs in the production of services: What impact on service relationships?

Jean‐Claude Delaunay

Production of services requires the use of equipment and raw materials. It seems difficult, however, to study the connection between these devices and production of…

Waiting for service: ten years of empirical research

Agnès Durrande‐Moreau

The problem of waiting is important in service activities, when customers are passive, often standing in a queue. This paper reviews 18 published empirical studies to…

Differentiating service tasks for IT application: An exploratory analysis in financial services

Paul Mulligan

This research investigates the study of service operations and information technology (IT) in order to observe the interaction between these two constructs. Phase I…

The strategic role of unused service capacity

Irene C.L. Ng, Jochen Wirtz, Khai Sheang Lee

Services are by nature perishable. As such, managing a service firm’s capacity to match supply and demand has been touted as one of the key problems of services marketing…

Optimal service design: integrating marketing and operations perspectives

Madeleine E. Pullman, William L. Moore

This paper develops an optimal service design model by combining a conjoint analysis‐based optimal product design model from marketing with capacity and demand management…



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1990 – 2008

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