International Journal of Service Industry Management: Volume 1 Issue 2


Industry and Public Sector Management

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Service Operations Strategy: Framework for Matching the Service Operations Task and the Service Delivery System

Colin Armistead

Service organisations must produce and deliver a service packagewhich matches the expectations of their customers. A framework for aservice operations strategy, its…

The Synthesis of an Analytical Model for Professional Service Firms

Peter Barrett

The development of a conceptual model of the professional firmwhich is drawn from two broad areas is summarised: the task‐orientedliterature centred on the abilities of…

Service Quality: An Investigation of Customer Care in Major UK Organisations

Barbara R. Lewis

A research initiative, focused on quality customer care in serviceorganisation and recently completed in the Financial Services ResearchCentre, is presented. Empirical…

Implementing a Successful Quality Improvement Programme in a Service Company: Winning the Deming Prize

Gary Dessler, Dana L. Farrow

On 18 October 1989, Miami‐based Florida Power and Light Company(FPL), Florida′s largest utility, became the first company outside Japanto win the Deming Prize. Awarded…

Quality Measurement in Service Industries

Rhian Silvestro, Robert Johnston, Lin Fitzgerald, Chris Voss

A number of writers in the service management literature haveobserved that because service quality is difficult to measure there is adanger that service organisations will…

Competitive Strategies in Banking Services – Implications of Segmentation Analysis of Consumers by Age Groups

A.H. Clarkson, M.A. Stone, M.J. Steele

A potential customer base of older, wealthier people derived froman ACORN sociodemographic sample of target sample household groups inScotland was investigated using a…



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