Employee Counselling Today: Volume 8 Issue 3


Table of contents

Developing high‐ potential staff ‐ an action learning approach

John Peters, Peter Smith

Suggests a selective approach to leadership development in organizations, focusing on employees identified as having high potential or those on the development…

Funeral for a friend (an existential view on hospital closure)

Alun Jones

Views the closure of a hospital in an unusual manner. Questions the role of health workers as “care in the community” comes to the fore. Raises questions about psychiatric…

What motivates your boss?

Jay T. Knippen, Thad B. Green

Provides six key steps for discovering what motivates your boss. States that there are many possible motivators, and provides examples. Suggests things to watch out for…

Behavioural addiction: an issue for everybody?

Mark Griffiths

For many people the concept of addiction involves taking drugs. Therefore it is perhaps unsurprising that most official definitions concentrate on drug ingestion. Despite…


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