Employee Counselling Today: Volume 7 Issue 7


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Maximizing the opportunities and minimizing the adverse effects of a changing environment

Paula Cook

Scrutinizes the pace of change in society as a whole, and pointsout that successful management of change in the workplace is a continualstruggle. In view of this: defines…


Redundancy counselling

Petruska Clarkson

Introduces the cyclic nature of all experience as it is understoodin Gestalt terms. Reports on the author′s opinion that in trainingpeople in counselling skills to help…


Self‐esteem development through participation in physical activity

Ian M. Cockerill

It is a popular belief that exercise participation has bothphysical and psychological benefits and, more specifically, thatperformance at work, cognitive function and…


Work and family: in search of the missing links

Julian Barling

Despite widespread agreement that work and family roles areinterdependent, there is little consensus as to how work affects familyfunctioning. Presents a framework to…


A survey of UK Master′s courses in counselling

Michelle O’Connell, D.I. Williams

Surveys courses in counselling and reveals that the routespractitioners have taken towards British Association for Counselling(BAC) accreditation or British Psychological…




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1989 – 1996

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