Employee Counselling Today: Volume 7 Issue 5


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HSE’s guidance on occupational stress

Louise Bridson

What is the true nature of work‐related stress? Can it be clearlydefined? Is it really a problem which employers can control and forwhich they have health and safety…

Stress in junior hospital medical and dental staff: a descriptive account of their concerns and needs

Darice Broomfield, Gerry Humphris, Sue Kaney

Examines the issues of work‐related stress in the health‐careprofessions, focusing on junior medical and dental staff. Identifies thestressors, and reports on an interview…

Stress and coping strategies in nurses from palliative, psychiatric and general nursing areas

Sylvia McNeely

Briefly looks at the stress and coping strategies in nurses frompalliative, psychiatric and general nursing areas. Examines the resultsof a recent study where 308 nurses…

Stress and stress management among owner‐managers of small and medium‐sized enterprises

David Johnson

The “stress management industry” has developed wherebyorganizations and individuals offer stress management interventions.These interventions claim to address a problem…

Reconstruction for re‐engagement: stress management for transition

Jean O′Callaghan, Eileen Pickard

The experience of redundancy and being unemployed can dislocate theways in which we make sense of ourselves and our lives. Explores some ofthe key stressors involved in…


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