Employee Counselling Today: Volume 6 Issue 6


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Fatigue and Stress in Driving

Andrew Howard, Matthew Joint

Analyses some of the reasons for fatigue and stress among drivers.Contributors to fatigue can be the distance travelled, or sleepingdisorders. Contributors to driver…


Well Fare: What to Look for in a Wellness or Stress Management Session

Jane Cole‐Hamilton

Examines the effectiveness of employee wellness and stress programmes.Suggests areas that could be covered in such programmes, including howto identify one′s own body…


Downsizing: Selecting Who Should Stay and Who Should Go

Royston Flude

Reviews the need to downsize organizations and how to select those whoare no longer required. Reviews alternative methods of outplacement andconsiders employee assistance…


The Woman‐friendly Organization: Initiatives Valued by Managerial Women

Carol A. McKeen, Ronald J. Burke

Examines the importance of 19 different organizational initiatives orservices in helping managerial and professional women develop a moresatisfying and productive career…




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1989 – 1996

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