Employee Counselling Today: Volume 6 Issue 3


Table of contents

The History of EAP Development in New Zealand

John Chadderton, Ross Milne

Charts the origins of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) in NewZealand and describes the development of the broadbrush EAP model thatled to EAPs as they are known…


The Psychostructure of Work : “Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me, as Long as You Love Me It’s Alright”

Adrian Carr

Organizations, in their structuring and administrative practices,stimulate and promote certain personality traits and attitudes in theindividuals who work in them. Focuses…


A Counselling Approach to Staff Development

John Harrison

Reveals there is a strong connection between counselling and activestaff development, and that similar behaviours can be used to accomplishboth goals. Provides an…


Achilles as Healer: Pseudocompetence in the Trainee Counsellor or Therapist

Petruska Clarkson

Examines the widespread pseudocompetence issues which frequently affectcounsellors, psychotherapists and supervisors, and their supervisors andtrainers. Pseudocompetence…


Relationships: Exploring the Dynamics of Counselling

Faith Stafford

Considers the relevance of relationship‐counselling to the workplace.Geneograms are used to provide a method of achieving an historicalperspective within short‐term…




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1989 – 1996

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