Employee Counselling Today: Volume 4 Issue 4


Table of contents

Confidentiality: Counselling, Ethics and the Law

Tim Bond

Discusses the ethical and legal complexities of confidentiality incounselling where, often, there is uncertainty about what the optimumpractice should be, and when there…


Confidentiality about Health Problems at Work

Heather Salt, Simon Callow, Robert Bor

The extent to which an employer has the right to information aboutan employee′s mental and physical health is a much debated topic, offsetby the employee′s right to…

Confidentiality — The Personnel Dilemma

Vivienne Walker

Gives an overview of the implications for confidentiality on areasof working in personnel departments, examines the problems associatedwith each area and looks at…

Ethical Issues in Counselling at Work

Léonie Sugarman

Providing counselling in the workplace can challenge the ethicalprinciples on which counselling is based. Identifies a series ofquestions designed to focus attention on…



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1989 – 1996

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