Employee Counselling Today: Volume 4 Issue 2


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Befriending Those in Crisis

Di Stubbs

No one is immune from contemplating suicide, and the pressures ofmodern living may bring people to breaking point unless help is soughtor offered. The Samaritans offer…

Depression in Marriage: What is the Best Treatment?

Chris R. Brewin

Traditional treatments for depression such as anti‐depressantmedication and individual psychotherapy are being supplemented bytreatments which involve partners and…

AIDS Prevention and Work‐based Counselling

Heather K. Salt, Simon Callow

AIDS is a relatively new disease associated with stigma and death.In the UK, mass media AIDS campaigns have increased public knowledgeabout this disease but there is still…

Commuting‐related Stress: Consequences and Implications

Tony Cassidy

The growth in commuting has brought with it another source ofstress for the worker. Little research has been done in the area andwhat is available tends to be mainly from…

Confidential Counselling Service: A New Breed of EAP?

Andrew D. Bull

Counselling at work services are developing all the time.Traditionally they fall into two groups: in‐house and contracted outservices. Confidential Counselling Services…



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