International Journal of Career Management: Volume 7 Issue 6


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Job analysis: can it still be applied? Indications for various organizational levels

Yehuda Baruch, Ronnie Lessem

Job analysis is frequently used in human resource management. Ithas proved to be a useful tool for working with rank and file personnel.However, in the new, developing and…


Impact of employee benefits on work motivation and productivity

Jon‐Chao Hong, Sung‐De Yang, Li‐Jung Wang, En‐Fu Chiou, Fan‐Yin Su, sui‐Lan Huang

Everyone works in expectation of some rewards, and welfare is oneof them. In order to understand the impact of employee benefits onemployees′ work‐motivation and productivity…


Career enhancement through foreign language skills

Brian Bloch

Illustrates the rising significance of foreign‐language trainingwith respect to employment opportunities in commerce and industry. Drawson a wide‐ranging and diverse base of…


Arab business administration students: attributes and career decision making self‐efficacy expectations

Ikhlas A. Abdalla

Explores the direct effects of internal orientation, self‐esteem,instrumentality, expressiveness and the interactive effects ofinternality, instrumentality and self‐esteem on the…




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1990 – 1995

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