International Journal of Career Management: Volume 7 Issue 2


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Employee job performance and relations with superior as moderators of the effect of appraisal goal setting on employee work attitudes

Christopher Orpen

Using a contingency model of the effectiveness of performanceappraisal interviews as a framework, examines the extent to whichemployee job performance and employee relations with…


Human resourcing following a merger

Christine Kerr

Discusses human resourcing measures taken and maintaining staffmotivation during a difficult, pre‐merger transitional period. Refersspecifically to the merger of Lloyds and…


Trends in recruitment: a ten‐year retrospective view

Tom Redman, Brian P. Mathews

Examines the changing employment market in personnel by comparingrecruitment advertisements with their counterparts of ten years ago.Variations over time reflect changes in the…


Keeping information systems staff (happy)

Bernard Burch O′Bryan, Roger Alan Pick

Applying Maslow′s hierarchy of needs, suggests most informationsystems professionals have unfulfilled needs only at higher levels ofthe hierarchy. The exact level of the hierarchy…


A decision‐making model for analysing how the glass ceiling is maintained: unblocking equal promotion opportunities

Martin Large, Mark N.K. Saunders

Recent British figures on gender and inequality at work show that,despite extensive legislation and the implementation of equalopportunities policies, there is still widespread…


The end of the job

Bruce Lloyd, William Bridges

Presents the transcript of an interview with William Bridges,author of Jobshift: How to Prosper in a Workplace without Jobs.Argues that the whole, traditional concept of the job…




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1990 – 1995

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