International Journal of Career Management: Volume 6 Issue 5


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Management Development: A Career Management Perspective

Phillip C. Wright, Monica Belcourt

Using a model that defines the manager′s job as a core of basic skillssurrounded by a variable and varying envelope of discretionary tasks,links career management to the…


A Look at German Outplacement and Career Management

Dean R. DeGroot

International employment continues to grow for the industrializednations as their economies become more interdependent. An example ofthis trend involves Germany and the US…


Self‐assessment of Thinking and Problem Solving: Facilitating Career Planning and Diversity Training

Albert S. King

Presents an overview of studies of the brain revealing that the cerebralcortex is divided into two hemispheres along with emergent implicationsfor teaching the two‐sided mind and…


Career Trends and Staffing Strategies in the 1990s

Rachid M. Zeffane, Geoffrey Mayo

In the 1990s, a number of emerging issues are posing serious challengesto the staffing function in both public and private sectororganizations. Discusses these issues and their…




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1990 – 1995

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