Health Manpower Management: Volume 23 Issue 6


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Multi‐skilled health carers: nature, purpose and implications

Keith Hurst

Multi‐skilling has been the most enduring element of patient‐focused care in the UK. A recent report from the Manchester University Health Service Management Unit (HSMU…


Shaping the health of the nation: development of human resources in Eritrea

Mayeh Abu Omar, Assefaw Tekeste

Looks at human resources (HR) issues with regard to the health care system in Eritrea, the newest nation in Africa with a population of 3.5 million. Notes the problems of…


The impact of ownership on health care services in HMOs

Kris Siddharthan, Melissa Ahern, Robert Rosenman

Tests the theory that owners (hospital, physician, insurance) of vertically integrated health maintenance organizations (HMOs) might substitute towards production of their…


Medical rationing as a health care strategy

Gay Wayland, Brian H. Kleiner

Notes the problem of rising health care costs in the USA. Considers a highly controversial solution to this problem, which is to consider health care as a scarce resource…


Competition and its implications for managing health care organizations

Michael K. Robinson, Brian H. Kleiner

Reports that the US health care system has been shifting since the 1960s to a competitive environment with many new and innovative organizational forms. Describes the…


Does organizational culture affect out‐patient DNA rates?

Susan Jackson

Government interest in health service “did not attend” (DNA) rates was seen to occur by accident, following which efforts to reduce DNAs have tended to concentrate on…


Nurse education: a time for new solutions?

George Blair

Notes the worsening situation with regard to nursing shortages. Considers responses such as the commission of increased places on Project 2000 courses and the introduction…




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