Health Manpower Management: Volume 23 Issue 2


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Mission impossible? The definition and functions of the medical director

Susie Leigh, Karin Newman

Seeks to throw light on both strategic and managerial aspects of the post of medical director. The medical director is a key executive member of the Trust Board, yet the…


Trade unions and local bargaining in the NHS

Susan Corby, Bob Blundell

Examines some effects of NHS Trusts moving away at varying speeds from complex national arrangements for determining terms and conditions towards local bargaining. Notes…


The challenge of education commissioning ‐ part 1: seeking value for money

John Edmonstone

The new education commissioning system in the NHS in England offers opportunities to health care employers to achieve greater value for money. This article offers five…


Drug use management and IT‐based medical thesauri: issues of semantics and linguistics

Gurpreet Dhillon, Ray Hackney

Argues that by interpreting the semantic content of different actions, it will be possible to draw boundaries between those aspects of a system that can be computerized…


Making local pay helpful ‐ part 1: surfacing the hidden challenge

Bob Sang, Linda Howard, Ian Campbell

Reports on a project which looked into the impact of “local pay” on four different types of Trust. Notes that all four were working towards ameliorating the preceived…


Subordinate appraisal of managers: a useful tool for the NHS?

Peter Reid, Gerald Levy

Problems in recruiting and retaining professional staff are an ongoing concern to many NHS Trusts and professional heads of service. There is evidence from a wide variety…




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