International Journal of Wine Marketing: Volume 7 Issue 2


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Branding Pubs — Can It Work?

Guy Lincoln, Clare Elwood Williams

The public house industry faces a mature and difficult future. Branding of pubs is on the increase as operators try to gain a competitive edge. Pub food outlets have led the way…

The Northern Ireland Wine Market: Challenges; Changes; and Characteristics

Caroline Keown

Until very recently the traditional wine producers such as Germany and France enjoyed a virtual monopoly in the Northern Ireland wine market. Changes are beginning to take place…

Social and Attitudinal Influences on the Intention to Drink Wine

Keith E. Thompson, Alexander Vourvachis

In persuading people to drink your wine instead of someone else's it is essential to know what will make them change, and what will deter them from changing again. In their theory…

The South African Natural Wine Industry — Recent History with Particular Reference to the Influence of Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery

Peter Garrett

Natural wine was not a factor in South Africa until after 1935. However, the hybrid Pinotage was produced in the 1920's and the now quasi government KWV representing wine farmers…



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