The TQM Magazine: Volume 3 Issue 1


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The customer is King

Andrew Lee‐Mortimer

Becoming a world‐class manufacturer is a major goal for many companies. In fact, many business leaders believe it is a requirement for survival. Richard Schonberger, the…

Quality US winners

In this article The TQM Magazine profiles the 1990 US Malcolm Baldrige winners. All four winners, Federal Express, Cadillac, IBM Rochester, and Wallace, have one common…

A recipe for success

Asbjørn Aune

Real teamwork means people participating in implementing change and solving problems. This is a vital part of the Quality Improvement Process and, according to the author…

Beyond functional excellence

Lawrence Churchill

Allied Dunbar is utilising its teams to align the varied organisational functions and enhance its overall business performance. In this article the author introduces the…

Preventing defects

Andrew Lee‐Mortimer

The system of Poka‐yoke (mistake‐proofing) and source inspection are the two major elements of Zero Quality Control (ZQC). This systematic approach to preventing defects…

All that glitters is not gold

Frans Stevens, Roger Williams

More and more organisations are seeking both quality awards and accreditation to enhance their competitive edge. In this article, the authors unwrap the ‘shiny paper’ that…

Quality costs — The hidden truth

Lyn Stolber

Lyn Stolber concludes her two‐part series on quality costs by examining alternative and complementary approaches to reducing quality‐related costs.

World‐class quality

James Houghton

The aim of quality is meeting your customer's requirements. With its six point strategy, however, Corning is aiming to go beyond that and ‘delight’ its customers.

Improving business processes

H. James Harrington

Improving business processes is the key to increased profits and market share. This article presents a new, systematic approach to improving the efficiency, effectiveness…

Quick off the mark

Julie Soquet

Increased customer satisfaction is the driving force behind many organisations in the 1990s. ODI is helping companies achieve this goal through Quick‐Start — a technique…



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