The TQM Magazine: Volume 17 Issue 2


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The implementation of the TQM philosophy in Poland

Marek Bugdol

The purpose of the paper is to present an overview of various total quality management (TQM) issues in Poland's business organizations and the public sector.

An integrated system for educational performance measurement, modeling and management at the classroom level

Kostyantyn Grygoryev, Stanislav Karapetrovic

This paper aims to introduce an integrated system for measuring, modeling, and managing teaching and learning performance in a university classroom environment.

Corporate ethics in TQM: management versus employee expectations and perceptions

Göran Svensson, Greg Wood

The objective of this research is to develop and describe a conceptual framework of corporate ethics in total quality management (TQM).

Implications of business ethics for quality management

Olaf Fisscher, André Nijhof

This article is an attempt to clarify the links between quality management and business ethics in order to show what quality management can learn from insights out of the…

Ethical product innovation: in praise of slowness

Elena Giaretta

The aim of the paper is to consider whether constant product innovation is compatible with the ethical management of a business. The question arises out of observations of…

Components of successful total quality management

Juan José Tarí

According to the literature, quality management consists of a set of components: critical factors, tools, techniques and practices. The purpose of this paper is: to…

Continuous innovation through company wide employee participation

Tor Tonnessen

The paper aims to address the failure of prevailing international management concepts to utilize the potentials of company wide employee participation in innovation, and…



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