The TQM Magazine: Volume 12 Issue 4


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The year 2000 problem of ISO 9000: will the quality standards survive the proposed year 2000 revision?

Bøje Larsen, Tord Häversjö

The ISO 9000 standards were first published in 1987. A first, more limited revision was completed in 1994. There is now a more thorough revision underway. A first draft of…

TQM as a management system consisting of values, techniques and tools

Ulrika Hellsten, Bengt Klefsjö

The interest in total quality management (TQM) has increased rapidly in recent years. Some people see TQM as something necessary to reach competitiveness but others claim…

An examination of the main factors affecting trust/commitment in supplier‐dealer relationships: an empirical study of the Swedish wood industry

Mosad Zineldin, Patrik Jonsson

This research examines the importance of a set of underlying variables, such as willingness of the supplier to adapt to the dealer, built‐up relationship bonds, costs of…

Marginalisation of quality: is there a case to answer?

B.G. Dale, R.T. Williams, T. van der Wiele

This paper makes the point that since the early 1990s there have been signs (e.g. the move from quality and total quality management (TQM) to excellence, and process…

QS 9000 registration for lean manufacturing

Tom Bramorski, Manu S. Madan, Jaideep Motwani

The QS 9000 quality system was developed in the United States in 1994 by a team consisting of representatives of General Motors, Ford, and Daimler‐Chrysler as well as the…

An integrated approach to problem solving: linking K‐T, TQM and RCA to TPM

Terry Finlow‐Bates, Bert Visser, Christine Finlow‐Bates

Successful total quality management (TQM) is dependent on first class problem solving. Numerous techniques have been created to help the TQM practitioner along the problem…

Continuous improvement and employee participation in SMEs

Antonio García‐Lorenzo, J. Carlos Prado Prado, Jesús García Arca

The active participation of all personnel is the basis for continuous improvement in companies. This paper describes the main features of systems for channelling such…

The readiness of selected South African organisations to mass customise

Laetitia Radder, Lynette Louw

Total quality management resulting from the quest for total customer satisfaction implies giving every customer a product tailored specifically to their needs at a price…



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