Executive Development: Volume 8 Issue 5


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Practical change management in financial services

Mike Ockenden

Presents a case study of the financial services industry which isentering a period of unparalleled change that will see some verydefinite winners and losers. The effective…


Bottom‐up leadership

Mitch McCrimmon

Competitive advantage requires continuous innovation. Market‐ledorganizations must be led internally by those who most deeply understandemerging markets and who can drive product…


Communicating with groups: prompt, purposeful, productive team meetings

Nelda Spinks, Barron Wells

Organizational communication must not be directed towardsindividuals alone, but must be carried out effectively with groups– formal and informal – which exist in the…


Coaching tomorrow’s top managers

Susan Bloch

Presents the findings of a recent survey on developing future topmanagers. Coaching and mentoring are used to encourage managers to takeownership of their own career development…


Releasing middle management potential: part 1

Philippa Dixon

Presents findings of research into culture change among middlemanagers. Middle managers from 46 privatized organizations in the UKformed the survey group, and their attitudes…


Challenges and opportunities of teaching management in a post‐socialist society

Dorothy Marcic

Post‐socialist countries have more challenges in the change processthan merely creating a market economy. Communism eroded the work ethic,created organizations where employees…


Walking the tightrope: a survey of ethics in management

Stephen Brigley

Summarizes the findings of a research project into ethicalawareness and the relationship between individuals′ own ethics and thosewithin their own organization. Concludes that a…




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