Executive Development: Volume 6 Issue 4


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You Mean Like John Cleese? Using Actors and Drama in the Business Environment

Nigel Higgs

Explains the various ways in which actors, drama, and thetechniques and exercises used in drama, can work productively within thebusiness sector. Discusses some experiences and…


BS 5750: The Message for Managers

Paula O’Brien

Quality has become an increasingly important issue. Describes asurvey conducted within a training organization examining theimplementation of a quality initiative BS 5750. Its…


Ashridge: Shaping an Integrative Approach to Management Development

Peter Beddowes, Stefan Wills

Proposes a framework for gaining a greater understanding of alltypes of managerial learning which builds upon Gregory Bateson′s (1973)notions of levels of learning. Goes on to…


Getting a ″GRIP″ on Top Teams

Roger Plant

Teams are vital for business survival. When top teams ask forteam‐building what do they really mean? More importantly, what shouldthey get? Explores the many possible objectives…


Foreign Participation in Management Training in Poland: Are the Benefits Worth the Cost?

Conrad J. Kasperson, Marian Dobrzynski

Transformation of the Polish economy has required managementeducation and training. The sudden shift to a market economy opened thedoor to numerous training firms – not all of…


The Person behind the Leader: The Value of Personal Development

Robert E. Kaplan

Executive character has everything to do with executive leadership.Based on intensive research on senior managers in large companies,describes a typical type of executive…


Doctors in Management – Part II: Getting into Action

Rosemary Harrison, Susan Miller, Anthony Gibson

The second part of a two‐part article, the first part of whichdescribed the clinical directors′ management devel‐opment programmedesigned and run during 1991‐93 by the Northern…


Executive Outplacement: The Victim’s View

Steve Worthington

Concerns the practice of “outplacement” as seen fromthe perspective of the individual who is a client and not from the pointof view of the agency offering the outplacement…




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