Executive Development: Volume 5 Issue 2


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Management Development Training in the 1990s: Present Trends and Future Directions

Michael S. Lane, Gerald L. Blakely, Cindy L. Martinec

Management development programmes are increasingly being studiedand evaluated, regarding their efficiency and effectiveness. Presentsthe results of a survey of 155 directors and…


Executive Information Systems: The Time Has Come

Mohammed H. Omar

Executive Information Systems (EIS) is a new technology emerging inresponse to the special information needs of top executives. It alreadyhas its software and hardware support and…


Helpers in Management Development

Alan Mumford

Describes three of the situations in which a manager can be helpedto learn by others – problem solving, using networks, colleagues.States that the reason so many so‐called…


Assessing for Competence at Safeway: Part I

Mike Stringfellow

The role of a store manager in a supermarket was factor analysed todefine 12 key areas of effectiveness. Managers were trained to classifybehaviour observed in competence areas…


Training for Chaos: Part I

Bill Peters

Part I of a two‐part article. States that in the New Age ofmanagement, IT managers are underskilled in the people and businessaspects. Suggests areas of training for IT management…


Professional Training as a Tool of Skill Building and Morale Enhancement

Laurence Barton

At no time is professional training more important for employeesthan during difficult economic periods. With smaller budgets and areduced workforce, management can introduce…


Networking for Change

Raewyn Stone

Describes the origins of the Women in Local Government Network(WLGN); the issues facing women managers and our preferred strategiesfor change through networking and personal…


Self‐development for Developers

David Megginson, Mike Pedler

Reports some findings from the Developing the Developersreport, in particular the high proportion of developers whodifferentiate training from development, and their reasons for…


Through the Gateway

Jeffrey Gold, Steve Johnson

Describes a recent management development programme for themanagers of a business school. Steve Johnson explains how the programmemade him into a “learning manager”. He outlines…




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