Executive Development: Volume 3 Issue 3


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The Top‐flight initiative at British Airways – Part 2

Brian O′Neill

Second of two articles focuses on cultural and attitudinal factorsthat are potential stumbling‐blocks to corporately driven initiativesfor systematic change. Considers short‐term…


Keeping the Company fit

Maria Whiteman

Notes that corporate fitness has emerged as an extension of healthprovision. Argues that in‐house fitness facilities are not an expensiveextra but that the benefits of a corporate…


So you think you’re a good judge of character?

Mark Brown

Refers to a training package of the same name. Describes thedangers of “pigeon‐holing” people and recommends that a goodjudge of character should be an explorer. Provides a…


Getting Executive Development right

Lorraine Hartnagel, Brian H Kleiner

Explores the requirements of successful executive developmentprogrammes and looks at three superior examples in the USA. Describeshow extensive CEO involvement is essential and…


Management by Subjective

Duncan Collins

Suggests the need to take a fresh look at management by objectives(MBO). Reviews MBO theory and practise and proposes management bysubjective (MBS) offering a way of achieving…


Management training for Polish managers

Steve Carter

Reports on the experience of 14 Polish managers undergoingmanagement training in the UK. The two‐stage programme is described.Stage one is a core programme dealing with aspects of…


East meets West in Cheshire

W Richard Frederick

Describes a computer‐based business strategy simulation –”MERCATOR”‐ played over four days and including two Russianbusiness men. Pitting five manufacturing companies against each…


British Telecom shops: Developing Customer Care

Roger Greenwood

Describes the “Coaching for Retail Professionals”training aimed at all BT employees. Reports that successful personaldevelopment resulted in a six per cent increase in…


Executive learning as a strategic weapon

Robert Fulmer

Discusses the purpose of executive development. Argues thatmaintenance learning which often misses changes, and crisis‐driven shocklearning can aggravate the problems they are…




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