International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 9 Issue 5/6


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Research and theory about new public services management: Review and agenda for the future

Jan Kooiman

Outlines the broad area of research into and, theory development of, public services management (PSM). Deals with theories on the State; governance; non‐profit…


The commercialization of the Australian public service and the accountability of government: A question of boundaries

John Dixon, Alexander Kouzmin, Nada Korac‐Kakabadse

States the Australian Public Service (APS) has been engaged in a comprehensive reform process for more than 20 years. A significant dimension of this reform process has…


Public sector reform and the re‐legitimation of public bureaucratic power: The case of Hong Kong

Anthony B.L. Cheung

Argues that from the 1980s onwards, the Hong Kong Government has initiated a series of reforms within the civil service which eventually have been subsumed within a…


The need to mobilize government learning in the Republic of Slovenia

Raymond Saner, Lichia Yiu

Highlights the unique difficulties of Slovenia’s current public administrative system which has to find ways to change from the previous Yugoslav system to a more modern…


Equal opportunities versus managing diversity: Another challenge for public sector management?

Marilyn McDougall

Highlights the recent growth in the concept of managing diversity as an alternative to equal opportunities, and considers whether the difference between them is simply one…


Steering not rowing: Co‐ordination and control in the management of public services in Britain and Germany

John Barlow, Manfred Röber

Identifies, classifies and compares a number of emerging models of co‐ordination and control in the management of public services which provide a scheme for an initial…


Evaluation, learning and the effectiveness of public services: Towards a quality of public service model

Ian Sanderson

Attempts to locate the legitimatory nature of the discourse of quality in the wider context of prevailing ideas about the role of government in the promotion of social…


Visions of excellence in Australian and Canadian human services organizations

Rosslyn Emerson, Cheryl Harvey

Addresses the issue of how Australian and Canadian managers of human services organizations(HSO) define organizational excellence. Presents a study in which HSO managers…


Public management: Failing accountabilities and failing performance review

John J. Glynn, Michael P. Murphy

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s there have been major reforms with regard to the mode of operation of the public sector. The pervading theme running through these reforms…

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