International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 8 Issue 4


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UK public sector organizations: The rise of managerialism and the impact of change on social services departments

John Lawler, Jeff Hearn

Looks at the rise of managerialism in one part of the public sectorin England, that of local authority personal social servicesdepartments. Considers the pressures for…


Reinventing comparative public administration: Indigenous models of study and application

Keith M. Henderson

The study of administration in other countries is often labelledcomparative public administration and, since the Second World War, hasdeveloped a vast literature covering…


Reforming the police in Britain: New public management, policy networks and a tough “old bill”

Frank Leishman, Stephen Cope, Peter Starie

Since the late 1970s the public sector in Britain has been subjectto major reforms, which have been consistent with the prominentinternational trend of bringing new public…


Combating red tape in the public sector

Dirk J. Brynard

It seems that the phenomenon of red tape may best be understood asa problem of individual perceptions rather than one of identifyingobjective measures for it. The result…


Privatizing local authority service in Ireland: Lessons from experience

Eoin Reeves

Presents the first survey evidence of privatization of localauthority services in the Republic of Ireland. The survey focuses on thecase of refuse collection. Describes…


The future of public sector management: Are there some lessons from Europe?

Norman Flynn

If we try to look at the future of public sector management in theUK, it might be more useful to think about what is happening in the restof Europe, rather than looking at…

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