International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 7 Issue 6


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Managing Competition in UK Local Government: The Impact of Compulsory Competitive Tendering

John Fenwick, Keith Shaw, Anne Foreman

Examines the impact of compulsory competitive tendering on themanagement of UK local government. The changing managerial skillsrequired under conditions of competition are…


Market Mechanisms and the Management of Health Care: The UK Model and Experience

Irvine Lapsley

Examines recent reforms of the UK′s National Health Service (NHS),and explores the pressures for change in the pursuit of an efficient NHSand the conflicts which this…


Institution Development and the Notion of Sustainability

Ronald McGill

Institutional development (ID) can be an elusive concept whenattempts to analyse it are made. The notion of sustainability is evenmore intangible, save for the fact that…


A New Era in Costing and Budgeting: Implications of Health Sector Reform in New Zealand

Manzurul Alam, Stewart Lawrence

The effectiveness of the reforms of the health sector in NewZealand will depend on the development of new accounting and informationsystems. The reforms have been rapid…


The Commercialization of the Australian Public Sector: Competence, Elitism or Default in Management Education?

John Dixon, Alexander Kouzmin

Briefly outlines recent developments in the commercialization ofthe public sector at the federal level of government in Australia. Aftersix years of planning and…

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