International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 7 Issue 3


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The Use and Development of Information Systems and Technology in Scottish Local Government

Mike Donnelly, John F. Dalrymple, Ivan P. Hollingsworth

A survey of Scottish local government IT managers confirms theexistence of systems allowing modern decision support systems (DSS) tobe successfully exploited. Extensive…


Conflict of Multiple Interests in Cost‐Benefit Analysis

Husain Mustafa

Most analytical techniques assign no weight to political factorseven though they may have the strongest explanatory power of allvariables considered. As they are generally…


HRM Trends in the 1990s: Should Local Government Buy in?

Phillip C. Wright, Jake J. Rudolph

Municipal or local governments worldwide are poorly prepared forthe vast changes taking place in human resource management (HRM). Mostaspects of organizational life are…


Demystifying Privatization in Developing Countries

Prahlad K. Basu

State intervention is needed to dismantle the protective regime of“government failure” and expose the developing economies tothe new rigour of global competition and…


The Language of Empowerment

Stephen P. Osborne

Examines the concept of “empowerment”, and itsimplications for public sector management. Argues that it is not asingle concept, but rather a cluster of concepts. Offers a…


New Developments in Performance Measures of Public Programmes

Allen Faucett, Brian H. Kleiner

Headlines on all levels of government speak of the pending crisisin public sector services: expect to pay more for less. Budget deficit,once only a concern of the federal…

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