International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 7 Issue 2


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Quality Assurance (BS 5750) in Social Services Departments

Anoop Patel

Quality assurance is concentrated in manufacturing and over thelast three to four years there has been an upsurge of interest in thepublic sector. Focuses on local…


Satisfaction, Loyalty and Reputation as Indicators of Customer Orientation in the Public Sector

Tor Wallin Andreassen

With public services operating as monopolies, dissatisfied userscannot exit from the relation without changing patronage. Apart fromexit from the region, voicing their…


Can Cities Market Themselves Like Coke and Pepsi Do?

Erik W. Matson

Consumer marketing techniques apply to public sector marketing.Cities can employ innovative targeted marketing capabilities to send amessage to maximize an area′s greatest…


Customer Service in an Australian Quality Award Winning Public Sector Service Industry

K.K. Navaratnam, Bill Harris

Presents a “detailed” account of an innovative way ofserving the internal and external customer in an Australian QualityAward winning public sector service industry …


Public Sector Employment in Developing Countries: An Overview of Past and Present Trends

Andrés E. Marinakis

The debate on the public sector has been central in structuraladjustment programmes applied in developing countries during recentyears. The common grounds of the…


Divestments in Public Enterprises: The Indian Experience

T.L. Sankar, R.K. Mishra, A. Lateef Syed Mohammed

Examines one of the most important reforms relating to publicenterprise (PE) policy in India, namely divestment of theirshare‐holdings. Discusses the philosophy, process…

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