International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 5 Issue 4


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The Contributions of Psychology to the Study of Administrative Behaviour

Husain Mustafa

Discusses psychology′s contributions to understandingadministrative behaviour. Beginning with a general theoretical searchfor what moved people to act, psychologists…

Contingent Valuation Analysis of Government Provision of Agricultural Protection Services

E.J. Roberts, P.B. McLeod, G.J. Syme

The contingent valuation technique has been significantly refinedas a method of obtaining values of goods and services in situationswhere market transactions are absent…

Singapore Telecom: From Public Sector to Private Sector

Tan Chwee‐huat

The Singapore Public Sector Divestment Committee has recommendedprivatization of public enterprises, including profit‐making monopoliessuch as Telecom, airport, port…


The Start‐up Problem: Managing for Credibility and Cohesion in a New Government Agency

William Pullen

Creating a new government agency presents some interestingmanagement challenges. The “Start‐up Problem” is how tobalance demands for credibility outside with the need to…

Conference Report: Effective and Efficient Public Management in the New Europe

Colin Talbot

Reviews conference proceedings on public management in the EC afterMaastricht. Held in Dublin, financial issues, “international,supranational and transnational” overviews…

Effective Strategic Planning in the Public Sector: Some Learnings

C.R. Bunning

Over the last five to ten years an increasing number of publicagencies have commenced strategic planning. However, results have oftenfallen short of what strategic…

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