International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 5 Issue 2


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Managerial Value Systems and Sector of Enterprises

Abbas J. Ali

Compares managerial values, in terms of loyalty, boss, money, bigcompanies, profit, work, job freedom, and company rules, acrossdifferent sectors of enterprise by…

Manufacturing Management in Developing Countries with Particular Reference to the Tanzanian Textile Industry

N.A.J. Hastings, K.A.B. Msimangira

Reports the results of a study of the Tanzanian textile industry,and draws conclusions which are likely to be applicable to otherindustries in Tanzania and to other…

″Porridge″ for Profit – Back to the Future: The Origins of a National Prison Service

John Black

The first privatized penal establishment was commissioned in earlyApril 1992, The Wolds Remand Prison, Humberside. In April 1993 it isproposed to restructure HM Prison…

Administrative Development and Reform in Turkey: A Historical Overview (Part II)

Talib Younis, S.A.M. Ibrahim, M.A. McLean

The second of a two‐part article (Part I published in IJPSM, Vol. 5 No.1) which continues the historical overview from 1949 whenthe new democratic government instigated…

Local Institutions and the Management of Development Projects

Nicholas Maddock

In order to boost accountability and responsibility and to ensuredecisions are taken locally, donors are introducing arrangements wherebydevelopment products are managed…

An Econometric Analysis of State Government Finances: Comparison of Results under Civilian and Military Regimes in Nigeria

M.O. Odedokun

Examines the revenue and expenditure behaviour of the 19 stategovernments in Nigeria separately for the civilian and military regimesof 1980‐83 and 1984‐87, respectively…

A Strategic Approach to Employee Development in an Agricultural Bank

Derek Eldridge

Investigates (through interviews) the link between business needsand staff development policies within the Agricultural Development Bankof Pakistan. Analyses the Bank′s…

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