International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 5 Issue 1


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Administrative Development and Reform in Turkey: A Historical Overview (Part I)

Talib Younis, S.A.M. Ibrahim, M.A. McLean

The first of a two‐part article (Part II to be published in IJPSM, Vol. 5 No. 2) which gives the historical background to thedevelopment of modern Turkey with particular…

Agency Status, Privatization and Improved Performance: Some Evidence from the UK

David Parker

The 1980s saw a resurgence of the notion that transferring assetsfrom the public sector to private enterprise would raise both allocativeand technical efficiency, leading…

Divestment Strategy and Share Valuation: Case Study of a Public Sector Development Bank in India

T.L. Sankar, R.K. Mishra, A. Lateef Syed Mohammed

Development Banks (DBs) are specialized financial institutionscreated for the purpose of balanced industrialization. A developmentbank has to act more as a promotional…

Public Management Development: Evaluating the Evaluators

Donald J. Savoie

There has been a surge in interest in public management developmentin the 1980s. Countries that had no management development programmesintroduced new ones, while…

Equity Reform in Public Administration: A Longitudinal Study of Executive Attitudes

Andrew Hede

One of the worldwide movements for reform of public administrationhas been the implementation of equal employment opportunity programmes.Reports on a longitudinal study of…

Managing the Message: An Approach to Communications Management in the Public Sector

William Pullen

Public organizations send messages about their actions and valuesin just about everything they do and say. They can be good or bad, andchoices have to be made about their…

Making Local Authority Managers More Businesslike

Ziggi Alexander, Neil McEwen

Discusses one Council′s introduction of an innovative compulsorycompetitive tendering scheme. Goes on to show that with self‐assessmentexercises, in addition to…

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