International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 35 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Bringing the State Back in: The Prospects and Challenges of the Administrative State in the 21st Century

Guest Editors: Frank L.K. Ohemeng, Tom Christensen

Listed public–private enterprises: stock market information, agency costs and productive efficiency outcomes

Aidan Vining, Mark Moore, Claude Laurin

This paper addresses the social value of commercial enterprises that are jointly owned by a government and private sector investors and where the shares are listed on a…

The administrative state in food policymaking: a fait accompli

Margaret Bancerz

This paper analyzes scholarly literature and the development of a nonstate food strategy in Canada, the Conference Board of Canada's Canadian Food Strategy, to explore the…

Strong government responses? Reflections on the management of COVID-19 in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Natalie W.M. Wong, Ka Ki Lawrence Ho, Mao Wang, Chih-Wei Hsieh

A debate emerged among members of public administration academia soon after COVID-19 appeared on the roles and measures that governments ought to deploy to prevent…

What brings the state back in? An examination of contracting reversal

Wan-Ju Hung, Jiahuan Lu

In recent years, there is a steady increase of studies documenting the emergence of “contracting back-in” in many countries around the world, that is, governments bringing…

The Trudeau government and GIC appointments in Canada

Kathy Brock, Robert P. Shepherd

According to the traditional view of public administration, a critical component of good policy formulation is the provision of frank and fearless advice to elected…

Covid-related educational policies in action: a system dynamics view

Francesca Costanza

The purpose of this paper is to adopt a learning-based approach to portray the impact of Covid-19 on state school services in Italy, with a specific focus on the role of…

Interrogating the resurgence of administrative state: ideas and state capacity

Himanshu Jha

Contemporary arguments around efficient public management (PM) envisage a limited role of the state for efficiency, effectiveness and austerity. On the contrary, the PM of…

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