International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 34 Issue 6


Table of contents - Special Issue: Methodological Innovations in Public Management: Trends toward More Systematic Forms of Research?

Guest Editors: Deanna Malatesta, Craig Smith

Guest editorialNovel and overlooked techniques for public management research questions

Deanna Malatesta, Craig Smith

This article provides a snapshot of several innovative and underused methodological approaches employed by scholars from across public management.


Theory building via agent-based modeling in public administration research: vindications and limitations

Taehyon Choi, Shinae Park

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of agent-based modeling as an alternative method for public administration research. It is focused on encouraging…


Going beyond parametric regression in public management research

Peter A. Jones, Vincent Reitano, J.S. Butler, Robert Greer

Public management researchers commonly model dichotomous dependent variables with parametric methods despite their relatively strong assumptions about the data generating…

Exploring government networks through interorganizational relationships: research strategies based on social network analysis (SNA)

Diogo Ribeiro da Fonseca

The purpose of this paper is to provide methodological guidelines and examples of how social network analysis (SNA) can be used in public management network research. SNA…

Simulating self-selection in public management research: implications from caseworker discretion in the child welfare system

Jiwon Nam-Speers

The purpose of this study was to measure the bias on a binary option's effect estimate that appeared in the types of questions asked and in the placement changes of public…

Extending differences-in-differences frameworks to Granger equations: evidence from cutback management during three recessions

Christian Buerger, Riley M. Sandel, Vincent Reitano, Michelle L. Lofton, Peter Jones

The authors show how to extend difference-in-differences (DiD) frameworks to Granger (1969) equations, a technique that tests for the parallel trends assumption and…

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