International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 32 Issue 4


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Public-private partnerships in developing countries: Factors for successful adoption and implementation

Seong Kang, Dhanakorn Mulaphong, Eunjin Hwang, Chih-Kai Chang

Mounting fiscal constraints and increasing complexity of public services have led governments to search for alternative service delivery mechanisms. The public–private…


Public hospital reforms in China: towards a model of new public management?

Jixia Mei, Ian Kirkpatrick

The purpose of this paper is to explore how far plans to “modernize” hospital management in China are converging toward a global model of new public management (NPM) or…

Smart city governance: exploring the institutional work of multiple actors towards collaboration

Laura Broccardo, Francesca Culasso, Sara Giovanna Mauro

To address the growing pressure to foster effectiveness, sustainability and quality of life, local governments have focused on developing policies and initiatives designed…


Influence as the key to consent? Swedish director generals’ perceptions of reporting requirements

Jenny de Fine Licht, Jon Pierre

Performance measurements have become a prominent part of government steering of public agencies. At the same time, they are increasingly criticized for creating heavy…

After all these years, what has happened to the international prevalence of NPM-inspired managerial practices?

Naomi Aoki

According to a widely accepted narrative, managerial reforms associated with new public management (NPM) originated in wealthy market economies and liberal democracies and…

Determinants of local public employee attitudes toward government innovation: Government 3.0 in Korea

Taewoo Nam

The purpose of this paper is to identify individual level perception-based determinants influencing participation in government innovation and to examine the moderating…

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