International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 31 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Is Local Always Better? Strengths and Limitations of Local Governance for Service Delivery

Guest Editors: Reto Steiner, Claire Kaiser, Christopher Tapscott, Carmen Navarro

Modelling local autonomy and dependence through cooperative relations

Lluís Medir Tejado, Esther Pano

Given the spread of multi-level governance tools, interaction between local and regional governments has become an important mechanism for service delivery and the implementation…

Does local autonomy facilitate local government reform initiatives? Evidence from Switzerland

Nicolas Keuffer

The purpose of this paper is to investigate to what extent the initiatives of local governments to launch modernisation processes are facilitated by local autonomy, which is…

Municipal reaction to functional rescaling in Italy

Silvia Bolgherini, Mattia Casula, Mariano Marotta

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the municipal reaction to a recent rescaling policy in Italy that, since 2010, require to small municipalities to jointly manage their…

Local government modernization in Albania: Historical background and the territorial reform 2015-2020

Elona Guga

An attempt will be made to shed light on the course and pattern of the decentralization process by analyzing the historical development of local government and the…

Comparative financing of megacities in multi-level BRICS states

Marco Salm

The BRICS states are based on multi-level government’s architecture whose megacities have an outstanding role in their respective states – not only in terms of population and in…

Discussing municipal performance alternatives: Public perceptions of municipal services delivery in Lithuania

Jurga Bucaite Vilke, Mantas Vilkas

The purpose of this paper is to focus on the determinants of satisfaction with municipal services by local inhabitants in Lithuania. Specifically, the paper seeks to disclose the…

Performance measurement and benchmarking as “reflexive institutions” for local governments: Germany, Sweden and England compared

Sabine Kuhlmann, Joerg Bogumil

The purpose of this paper is to discuss different approaches of performance measurement and benchmarking as “reflexive institutions” for local governments in England, Germany and…

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