International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 30 Issue 5


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Principles of performance dialogue in public administration

Harri Laihonen, Sari Mäntylä

The literature acknowledges the importance of interpretative processes, discussion, and organizational learning in public performance management, but a knowledge gap…

Emotional capacity in the public sector – an Australian review

Charmaine Belfanti

This paper presents a review examining an Australian public sector competency framework through the lens of emotional intelligence (EQ) to answer the question “To what…

Corporate governance of state-owned enterprises: a systematic analysis of empirical literature

Peter Daiser, Tamyko Ysa, Daniel Schmitt

The purpose of this paper is to deliver further insights into empirical research on corporate governance of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) by systematizing existing…


An investigation of government employees’ support for public-private partnerships

Razilya Shakirova

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the factors that may influence support of public-private partnerships (PPPs) by government employees potentially involved in…

Critical factors in public sector collaboration in Malaysia: Leadership, interdependence, and community

Shila Devi Ramadass, Murali Sambasivan, John Antony Xavier

Collaboration in a public sector is a key to solving complex social problems. This research studies the mandated public sector collaboration in Malaysia. The purpose of…


Exploring the meaningfulness of healthcare organizations: a multiple case study

Rocco Palumbo, Carmela Annarumma, Marco Musella

Patient empowerment has been variously depicted as a new paradigm inspiring the patient-provider relationship. To the authors’ knowledge, scholars have focused most of…

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