International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 21 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Public manager development: the role of accredited programmes in fostering leadership and management development among public service practitioners

Guest Editors: John Raine, Yusuf Ahmad, Mike Broussine, Jean Hartley, J.C. Ry Nielson

The changing context of public leadership and management: Implications for roles and dynamics

Dorthe Pedersen, Jean Hartley

Purpose – Reform, transformation and restructuring have become endemic in public services. This paper aims to examine the central “modernisation” and improvement themes of…


Pedagogic implications of anxiety and loss of agency in public services managers and leaders

Yusuf Ahmad, Mike Broussine

The purpose of the paper is to report on the results of an inquiry into the possible reasons why many public service managers and leaders across six European countries…


Mind‐sets, mirrors and mid‐career education: The why, what and how of promoting critical enquiry among managers

Bríd Quinn, Grete Wennes

Purpose – The purpose of the paper is to explore why critical reflexivity should be promoted within mid‐career management education programmes and articulate the benefits…

Why not teach “diversity” to public sector managers?

Margaret Page, Chrissie Oldfield, Birgit Urstad

Equality and diversity are generally positioned as special interests, marginal to the mainstream of social policy teaching and learning. The purpose of this paper is to…


Innovation, design and delivery of MPA programmes for public leaders and managers in Europe

John Benington, Jean Hartley, J.C. Ry Nielsen, Ton Notten

The purpose of this paper is to analyse three innovative Master's programmes designed for public and voluntary sector managers across three EU countries.

Learning‐centred public management education

Claus Nygaard, Pia Bramming

The purpose of this paper is to give concrete ideas to the development of MPA programmes in the light of the changing public sector. Following the introduction of ideas…


The art and dilemmas of assessment: European perspectives on the assessment of practitioner learning and development through Master's‐level programmes in public management

John W. Raine, Annie Rubienska

The purpose of this paper is to focus on issues of assessment in leadership and management programmes for mid career public managers. Drawing on experiences of such…

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