International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 21 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Public management reform in countries in the Napoleonic administrative tradition: France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain

Guest Editors: Edoardo Ongaro

Introduction: the reform of public management in France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain

Edoardo Ongaro

This paper aims to outline the contents of the special issue on public management reform in countries in the Napoleonic administrative tradition, discussing alternative…


The Napoleonic tradition

B. Guy Peters

This paper intends to provide a framework for understanding the concept of administrative tradition, and then applies it to Napoleonic administrative systems.


Reform without doctrine: public management in France

Luc Rouban

This paper aims to give an overview of the public management process in France and tries to explain why it is specific as compared to other countries.


State reform in Greece: responding to old and new challenges

Calliope Spanou

The paper attempts to assess the impact of reforms of the last 25 years on Greek administration and more specifically on its Napoleonic features. Given that those have…


Public management reform in Italy: explaining the implementation gap

Edoardo Ongaro, Giovanni Valotti

The aim of this paper is to outline the sets of factors influential on the implementation of public management reform in the politico‐administrative context of Italy.


Public management reform in Portugal: successes and failures

Isabel Corte‐Real

The purpose of the paper is to address the question of the influence of the administrative tradition and the politico‐administrative context on the formulation and…


Failed policies but institutional innovation through “layering” and “diffusion” in Spanish central administration

Salvador Parrado

This paper aims to show that the Spanish central administration, as a representative of the Napoleonic tradition, has undergone considerable managerial changes in…

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