International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 19 Issue 6


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Guest Editors: Sylvia Horton

New public management: its impact on public servant's identity: An introduction to this symposium

Sylvia Horton

This paper introduces the symposium on public management reform and its impact on public servant's identity. It provides both a descriptive and theoretical context within…


Civil servant identity at the crossroads: new challenges for public administrations

Daniel J. Caron, David Giauque

To compare and contrast the changes introduced in Canada and Switzerland as a result of public management reforms and explore the ethical challenges they entail.


Transforming public services – transforming the public servant?

Anne Marie Berg

To investigate the interdependence between organizational forms and the identities of managers and front line personnel in government services.


Modernizing public administration: the impact on organisational identities

Giseline Rondeaux

To provide a case study of a Belgian ministry, within the framework of the Copernicus reform.


Identifying identities: performance‐driven, but professional public managers

Jeroen van Bockel, Mirko Noordegraaf

This paper examines the effects of performance driven public services on managerial behaviour and the values that influence individual actions.


Diffusing values or adjusting practices? A review of research on French public utilities

Gilles Jeannot

This article reviews a set of studies depicting how public officials (agents) in French public utilities have reacted, in practical terms, to customer‐focused reforms.


New pay in European civil services:is the psychological contract changing?

Ingrid Willems, Ria Janvier, Erik Henderickx

This research paper analyses the extent to which national systems are following “new pay” trends, or whether there are still traditional features, which reflect the…

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