International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 18 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: New localism and regeneration management

Guest Editors: Jon Coaffee

New localism and the management of regeneration

Jon Coaffee

Aims to unpack the development and subsequent growth in the UK of so‐called new localism concepts and policies post‐1997.


A comparison of local management of regeneration in England and Greece

Georgia Chondroleou, Howard Elcock, Joyce Liddle, Ioannis Oikonomopoulos

Explores comparisons between the English and Greek local government systems, in the hope of offering some fresh insights into the regeneration and management of local areas.


The leadership role of women in social regeneration in the UK

Su Maddock

Proposes that arguing for greater access for women is essential but not sufficient to drive equality or the spirit of diversity.


Strategic superboards: improved network management processes for regeneration?

Carole Johnson

Aims to present a critical discussion of two UK case studies through which a “third way” modernisation of regeneration policies has been identified as a world‐wide trend.


A plague on all your partnerships: theory and practice in regeneration

Andrew Coulson

Much of the writing on partnerships implicitly assumes that they are beneficial. Other literature points out that partnerships are seldom of equals, and can become…


The management of local government modernisation: Area decentralisation and pragmatic localism

Jon Coaffee, Lorraine Johnston

Seeks to analyse the complexity of current practices surrounding the management and governance of urban regeneration activities in the UK. In particular, aims to focus on…


Reflecting on the processes of a local evaluation: Networks, narratives and partnerships

John Diamond

Seeks to draw together a number of separate but, arguably, inter‐related themes which are present for those involved in “sense making” within and across public and third…

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